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Deleted scenes

Extended Champion crane chase
T3 deleted scene

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Scene description
Various cuts of the crane chase that were not in the movie:

First row of pictures are from the first T3 trailer. It shows us just a longer glimpse of what happens with the gas More visible gas canisters after the T-X crashes the crane through the destroyed vehicle. It's just 1 or 2 seconds that have been cut, nothing major.

The second row oc pics shows an alternate, lower angle of the first part of the chase in which the Tundra drives under the bridge, while being followed by the police cruisers and ambulance.

The third row of pics is just footage of John driving the Tundra, chased by police cruisers.

The fourth row (and the first pic of the fifth row) shows more of John driving the Tundra behind a black, red and a brown car on the pavement (see the next five pics), while being followed by a police car that drives on the street. In the background you can see a large board with "Southwestern."

The fifth row (except for the first pic), shows more of two police cruisers chasing and crasing into John's Tundra.

The sixt row of pics is some mercurious shot. It shows the T-850's firetruck exploding, but the mysterious thing is that John's Tundra is right in front of it, standing still on the way.

The L.A. Auto Show promoted the release of the T3 Limited Edition Toyota Tundra. With this promotion, they showed the First Trailer on monitors in the background. It was not the normal First Trailer, but a special First T3 "Tundra Trailer," since they took out the bathroom fight clips and replaced these with 47 seconds of footage of the Champion crane chase. Ross "Rossbond" Cooper was there and posted a description of the footage on his T3Nexus site. After seeing T3, he told me he saw some cuts in the First Tundra Trailer that were not in the movie:

"I personally know that scenes were cut from the Crane Chase... because I saw scenes in the LA Auto Show footage that were not in the movies final cut. We actually see the final Police car getting shot by the T-X's Plasma Cannon... and flipping up into the air. There were a couple of other action beats...like different cuts of the T-X and her crane pulling closer and closer to the Tundra which reminded me a lot of T2."

Here's Ross description of the special First T3 Tundra Trailer, note that with these trailers, the order of scenes is not the order of how these scenes were meant to be in the movie:

The clip starts right after the crane arm with Arn on it has been dragged through the building-

- The camera starts low and raises up and over the Tundra. It reveals the Champion Crane in hot pursuit and the Tundra itself is flanked by Two Police cruisers. On the roof Arnie lies still and then gets up- using the top of the door frame he rolls off the roof and straight into the drivers seat- John quickly moves over to the passenger seat. T-850: "I'll drive."

- Quick clip of the Champion Crane front moving closer-

- Arnold jams the brakes on and takes a side street at the bottom of the frame the two cruisers start to pull high speed turns to continue pursuit-

- A shot of the Tundra plowing through a closed gate and into some sort of street side parking lot-

- The Tundra flies tires squealing around the corner and in a residential neighborhood multiple cruisers in hot pursuit. The T-850 pilots the truck up the curb and into and across a series of front lawns- a cruiser follows as he takes out a table...an SUV (This shot from inside the cab)- then he cuts down across the sidewalk again onto the street. A cruiser behind him seems to dump off an inflatable object of some kind-

- The Tundra is coming towards us followed by 5 Cruisers (Some C-ups of the Grill of the truck to shrewdly show the Toyota logo) the view pans to the right to show a cruiser coming level with the rear bumper. The Cruiser uses the PIT maneuver to spin the Tundra-

- There's a view from in front as the Tundra spins-

- Side crane view above the action- Another cruiser hits it towards the side of a moving 18-wheeler- Another Cruiser hits it-

- Low angles again in front of the group as they charge along- the camera suddenly changes focus to show the huge lumbering Champion crane round the corner all up on one side of wheels before it comes crashing back down with a shower of sparks-

- The main group skirts around a truck carrying pressurized bottles of some flammable gas-

- Shot from the Champion crane cab as the T-X fires her plasma weapon at the truck in front-

- Quick shot of a HUGE primary explosion of bottles et all- with the Tundra and cops driving away from the scene-

(The remainder of the cuts were so quick and fast that they might be slightly out of order-)

- Champion crane just PLOWS through the trucks canisters go flying along with a secondary explosion-

- Arnie drives down a narrow street on the sidewalk squeezing just past wooden telephone poles at very high speeds a cruiser is following-

- Shot of the Champion Crane broadsiding a Cruiser and just knocking it aside like a fly-

- Another shot from inside the cab of the Champion crane T-X moves a lever-

- The crane and hook move over to the right and begin to rip right THROUGH the wooden telephone poles. There's a massive fireball and an SUV cartwheels forward as more poles are demolished-

- Low angle shot the Champion crane is also taking out fixtures on the other side of the road light poles...a traffic light....it rams into a poor Mercedes and nearly splits it in half LENGTHWISE by running it into another traffic light pole-

- Another quick shot of the Tundra being chased down the sidewalk by the Cruiser-

- The shot of Arnie on the Police motorcycle and the other truck with compressed gasses with the Champion crane to the left-

- A quick cut of another Cruiser being flicked upward and flipping-

After which it cuts back to the regular trailer with the T-X punching the window of the automobile.

Reason cut

Pics are from the first T3 trailer and a T3 Toyota Tundra TV spot.

The First Trailer and the Toyota Tundra TV Spot showed some stuff, and Ross told me about an other deleted part, and he also published the description on his T3Nexus site.


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