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Deleted scenes

CRS fight T-850 vs. T-X - part 3
T3 deleted scene

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Scene description
The fight between the T-850 and the T-X at Cyber Research Systems had some cuts that deleted a few action sequences. This deleted scene shows the T-X biting into the T-850's arms. Her mouth morphs into a metallic mouth with alloy teeth. With her steel jaw she bites off some skin and spits it out.
Note: the pics are without the special effects. The last pic is from the comic T3: Eyes of the Rise.

Reason cut

It was filmed, just look at the pics from behind the scenes fragments. The pics come from the T3 DVD.


The official T3 novel mentions this part:
The lower half of the T-X's face peeled back, liquid metal retreating to expose
steel jaws and alloy teeth that were harder that industrial diamonds. Her jaws openend,
then clamped onto Terminator's left arm, just above the wrist, the teeth cutting and
grinding and crushing their way through his leather jacket, his infiltration duraplast
skin, and into his hydradulic and electromechanical systems.
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