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"Eat me"
T3 deleted scene

Scene description
This deleted scene consists of two parts, the setup part and the ending part.

The setup:
Claire Danes talked with Conan O'Brien about a reshoot for a scene of Terminator 3. It was a reshoot for the line "Eat me."
Now my thought is that her character Katherine Brewster says this line somewhere in the movie to the Terminator. Maybe instead of the line "drop dead asshole"? Why she would say this line?

The ending:
Now, the setup was intended to be, how surprising, a setup for a oneliner that the Terminator learned through his contact with humans beings.
"Eat me," one of the Terminator's oneliners that were not used in the movie, but were filmed, would appear just after the T-850 pushed his last hydrogen power cell into the T-X's mouth at the ending of the movie, and a second before it would explode.

The ending part is in the official novel and Arnold confirmed filming it, and although the setup part is not in the officical novel, Claire Danes confirms it in her conversation with Conan O'Brien.

I quote the conversation with Conan O'Brien in his show Late Night (January 22, 2003);
Conan O'Brien: Now let's talk about The Hours. It got a Golden Globe Award on Sunday, which is amazing. People love this movie. You were not at the Golden Globes, to be there for that big moment.
Claire Danes: No, no. I was doing a reshoot for the almighty Terminator. They flew all the way back to L.A. They called the entire crew back, so I could say "Eat me." That was my one line. That were the two words I had to deliver.
Conan O'Brien: I'm definately seeing this movie.

Arnold confirms filming the oneliner for the ending in his audio commentary on the T3 DVD:
"I remember that we had many different lines that I tried out when I did that scene underneath the blast door. I shoved the battery pack in her mouth, read the other line "Eat me" and all kinds of different things. We tested every line that you can think of. We then stayed with one line that was good, "You are terminated." That's the line that we stayed with because that was the one that tested the best."

Reason cut



The official T3 novel mentions this part:
With his free hand he grabbed the T-X by a piece of tubing protruding from her hip and
dragged her back.
She turned and fixed him with a baleful gaze.
"You are terminated," he told her.
Terminator crushed the fuel cell to rupture it, and thrust it into the T-X's mouth, driving
it deep into her throat.
"Eat me," Terminator said, and the fuel cell erupted with a tremendous explosion.
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