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The bouncer
T3 deleted scene

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Scene description
Perhaps it could be that this is a part of the rumoured "T-850 enters stripclub"-scene, but I think this little scene happens when the T-850 leaves the Desert Star bar and steals the car.

Reason cut



The official T3 novel mentions this part:
A large, beefy man in jeans, leather vest, and broadbrimmed cowboy hat sat on a stool
next to the main entrance. His eyes narrowed slightly when he spotted the nude Terminator,
but he showed no real surprise.
He languidly got to his feet as Terminator approached. He stepped directly in front of the
door. He was six five at three hundred pounds, and he looked mean.
He motioned to the left. "You're supposed to go round back."
Terminator gave no indication that he had heard the bouncer, simply sweeping the man aside
with one hand as if he were batting away an irritating insect.
"What the hell--"
Later on, after stealing the stripper's clothes:
The truck's engine roared to life. Terminator's eyes lit on a pair of sunglasses on the
dash. He put them on, dropped the truck into gear, and hammered the gas pedal.
The truck shot out of the parking lot, spewing a rooster tail of gravel behind it.
As Terminator bumped up onto the highway and headed west, toward Los Angeles, he looked in
the readview mirror in time to see the bouncer in the broadbrimmed cowboy hat running after
him, a fist raised in the air.
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