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Seems director Jonathan Mostow had fears and doubts about the dark ending in which Judgment Day takes place. He filmed the background in a controlled fashion so he could always use it for an alternate ending. The idea was that if the dark Judgment Day was not approved (or got a bad test screening), he would have changed it so that another T-850 Terminator arrives from the future inside Crystal Peak to prevent Judgment Day from happening in the last seconds..

T3 scriptwriter John Brancato reveals more about it in online blog.
Friday, October 9, 2009 10:47 AM
"It nearly got us fired. Thanks to Mostow's desperate lobbying on our behalf, we were given a few weeks for one last chance. To hell with integrity. Mike and I worked frantically to cobble together what was wanted, namely a far more predictable script. A typically good Arnold saves a down-and-out JC from a Swiss-Army knife terminatrix, etc. It felt safe, expected, paint-by-numbers. We quickly realized the only possible saving grace, the one thing that could begin to justify the film's existence, would be to end the world in the last scenes-- and so return the franchise to the fatalistic integrity of the original "Terminator." I never imagined this would fly."
"The "development process" involved the usual dumbing and watering down, cutting for budget, gutting character moments, turning anything shaded into black and white. We were told to throw back in elements from the script we were first handed, such as "She'll be back" and stupid sunglasses. We refused to write in a Chili's endorsement, though we suggested "I'll be baby-back, baby-back, baby-back ribs." Another writer came in at the last minute and threw in a few more clunky lines and cringe-worthy moments. The shoot had some near-disasters, including a major part recast after a week of filming, and a budget shortfall that required a cash loan from Schwarzenegger. Mostow actually shot plates for a time bubble arriving in the fallout shelter with yet another Arnold to avert Judgment Day at the last second, just in case focus groups demanded it."

Personal note. Thinking about it... shouldn't the new Terminator arrive in CRS to stop Judgment Day instead of Crystal Peak? How can a new Terminator stop Judgment Day while being inside Crystal Peak (where Skynet's core was not even located)? Would they have changed the whole story then by indeed placing a core for Skynet really inside Crystal Peak?

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