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Scene description
The Comic Con footage is a rare kind of promotional trailer, which was shown to a selected group of people at the San Diego Comic Con in the beginning of August 2002. Afterwards, some people wrote down a description of this promo. Looking back at these descriptions after seeing the movie, they talk about some footage that was not in the movie.

Description 1:
"The Comic Con footage started off with a John Conner (Nick Stahl) narration over blackness and then over a dark road at night. I couldn't hear the first line or two over the crowd cheering, but I did pick up the bulk of what was said. "My name's John Conner. I live off the grid. No one, nothing, can find me. If we changed the future, why am I still running? If it's safe now, why am I hiding?" Over this we see a troubled and grizzly John Conner wandering around deserted areas. There're cutaways to a clean science lab. There's another editing jumble of fucked up shit/demolished areas, then we see Arnold climb out of a truck that's crashed into a crumbling cement pillar of some sort and is on fire. That publicity photo that was released from T3, the one with Arnold clad in leather, holding his gun, standing in front of a fiery truck... It came from that scene.
I only saw the footage once, so I don't remember the exact order in which all these other flashes came in, but we see more of the clean science labs, but with huge, shiny robotic warriors looking things. They aren't endoskeletons. They actually kinda reminded me of the new and improved Robinson family robot in the terrible LOST IN SPACE film. I haven't seen them in action, so I won't pass judgment until I see some footage of them actually doing shit, but the first image of them didn't kick my ass. You also see a full sized endoskeleton in one of these lab shots, with scientists playing around with it a bit. There's more damaged, dark areas. Then, a rubble heap from which a hand suddenly springs out of (I think it was the Lady Terminator, but I'm not sure).
There was also footage of Schwarzenegger walking between tombstones, huge casket over one shoulder, gun in his opposite hand. He gets fired upon, bullet hits all over his body and the casket. He nonchalantly turns around and fires his gun, an automatic weapon, back at whoever is shooting him. We also see Schwarzenegger sitting in a car, bazooka on his shoulder aimed out his window at an approaching car. He fires and the approaching vehicle goes up in flames. We see Arnold a bit injured, limping about, his face a bit bloody, showing a bit of his endoskeleton. Then we have the final line. Arnold, face bloody, some damage to the flesh and silver showing through... It's at least a medium close-up of him as we see he's dealing with some inner conflict, which I assume is that good terminator/bad terminator glitch that we've heard about already... the thing that's supposed to make him switch from good to bad to good and back again during the film. He says, "Desire is... irrelevant. I AM a machine!"

Description 2:
A motorcycle speeds down the road through the darkness. Nick Stahl (the new John Connor): "My name is John Connor. I live off the grid. No one, nothing, can find me. If we changed the future, why am I still running? If it's safe now, why am I hiding?"
This line was delivered as Connor drops a beer bottle off a bridge into the water below. The interior of a lab where robotic construction is underway. A fiery car crashes into a wall, and Arnold emerges, holding a shotgun (this footage is where the first publicity shot from T3 came from). Claire Danes looks up in horror. A quick silhouette shot of the TX running down a hallway. Arnold hefting a casket on his back fleeing a cemetery, while being fired upon by dozens. He then returns fire with a huge gun (awesome scene). A new robot, which looks like a cross between ED from RoboCop and the redesigned Robot from the 'Lost in Space' flick. Very sweet looking. Various shots of the classic silver Terminator skeleton being constructed. A final shot features Arnold with half his metal skull showing through his skin, as he says to someone (off camera) "Desire is irrelevant. I am a machine."

Reason cut

These described pieces of footage were not in the movie. Too bad, Warner Bros. and C-2 doesn't want to release this promotional footage, because the special effects were not finished for this video. I really hope they will release this footage one day, maybe for the Ultimate Edition DVD of T3...



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