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In the early days of T3, they were a lot of rumours of Sarah Connor re-appearing in the movie, most likely via flashbacks, since Linda Hamilton would not reprise her role in T3. I found two articles/quotes that talk about this rumoured footage.

TheArnoldFans posted that BloodyDisgusting.com (July 9, 2002) caught up with Stan Winston at the Chicago Wizard World and got the following Terminator 3 bits out of him:
1. Something is up with Linda Hamilton's footage, they are very, VERY tight lipped about what role the footage will play and seem to imply it's something surprising.

John and the T-800 can't rely on the past Sarah Conner's help. How she died is still unknown. But although Sarah is not alive anymore, she still has a major role in this new movie. Sarah will be back in flashbacks but also in a coffin. (read our set visit)

One of the rumoured Sarah Connor scenes is a flashback scene with John Connor and his mother Sarah, talking about her being diagnosed with leukimia after the events from T2.

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