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Ross "Rossbond" Cooper published the next information on his T3Nexus site:

"After roaming the halls looking among the estimated 18,000 car enthusiasts for the Webdude the person who updates and operates this website I returned to Toyota and the T3 Tundra. In retrospect I wish I had on me my tape recorder or a pencil, as I can't remember the names of either presenter. I do however remember that they were charming young ladies and very big Arnold and Terminator fans. After a quick introduction I found out that this other presenter actually had a PART in Terminator 3.

She went on to explain that her part was actually quite large. In T3:ROTM she plays a Nurse in a hospital who actually treats injuries sustained by John under the protection of the T-850. It just so happens that as the scene progresses the T-X catches up to them at the hospital and comes gunning for them literally. In fact this charming lady who played the nurse gets HALF of her HEAD shot off by the T-X. To which I smiled and commented that as a moment that alone would pretty much guarantee a R rating. In response she mentioned that what she saw was very violent and disgusting- always a good sign in Terminator films.

While on the set she had met and worked with the major cast members and noted that Arnold had been very nice and appreciative, and that Claire Danes had been so cute and excited.

Needless to say I thanked her for the information and tried to remember her name the entire way home."

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