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In the early days of T3, they were a lot of rumours of the T-X's powers. In an interview, Arnold Schwarzenegger explained that the T-X would almost destroy a completey city with her plasma cannon.

The German TV Magazine "TV Spielfilm" and Moviemagazine "Cinema" talked with Schwarzenegger about T3: Rise of the Machines. TheArnoldFans posted the interview (November 8, 2002):
The Terminatrix, who gives Arnold the ultimate battle, is also discussed along with her weapon of choice.
Arnold: "Oh! She will kicks ass. A person that you never want to meet in your life because she is more than devilish! She had Plasmaweapons and try to kill me with them. With these special weapons she can destroy everything that she wants. Our fight scenes are really extreme. With the Plasmaweapons the TX destroys almost a whole city and I must prevent that. But it's hard to do this. More at this point I can't say. Its really top secret!"

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