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Tunnel chase
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The tunnel chase would be an extended end fight between the T-850 and the T-X.

The T3 boxset, made by McFarlane, had a fight between the damaged T-850 and the T-X Endoskeleton with legs. Also in the first T3 trailer, there were some flashes of the T-X endohead in the dark.

TheArnoldFans had an interview (October 7, 2002) with Pablo Helman, ILM visual effects supervisor, and he mentioned the tunnel scene.
TheArnoldFans: Are there CGI robots to go along with Stan Winston's?
Pablo Helman: Yeah, well, in that tunnel scene, we had to marry practical things that Stan Winston was bringing in, all the puppets, plus we had to match his puppet to the digital puppet. And so, that's going to be a real challenge.

Jack "Ripper48" Morris explains the scene:
"According to what I know, the tunnel chase shows the T-X in full endo (with it's legs) form going after John, Kate and the T-850 deeper into the Crystal Peak compound. The T-850 slowly pushes the T-X back and they keep fighting and throwing each other around. I am not sure that this is what happens..."

Chad "TheStorm" Campbell reports:
"Well from old set-reports and interviews from many people there was talks about how ILM would use the T-X endo as CGI in some parts. As well as Arnold said the Tunnel chase at the end would be so suspensefull. Also look at Todd McFarlane's Doll of the end fight he is not as damaged at first. I believe that the original fight was much much longer and different. From the original Teaser Trailer it showed flashes of the T-X in darkness breathing. And I think originaly they took off deep into the mountain and the T-X follwed them Endo whole to kill them. Then an epic battle took place and the T-850 got more damaged as time went on. I really believe this was filmed."

Josh "AchtungBaby" Jensen mentions:
"It should also be noted that in the final product, Stan Winston's puppets for the T-X endoskeleton and damaged T-850 are seemingly nowhere to be found. (I was looking forward to seeing Arnold's puppet in action!)."

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