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The original 3rd act (Project Angel)
T4 deleted scene

Scene description
The original third act of Terminator Salvation was different. Someone who claims to be an insider, has given me the list and I have expanded the information that I got via discussions. Anyway, the notes start with -->

17) Huge conversation before Connor goes to skynet. In the theatrical release you can tell something was deleted because there is an awkward cut before you see John and Kate start to kiss. This was the day Bale had his rant. There is an important conversation Kate has with John while he is preparing. They talk about how much they love each other and how important they are to one another and about their unborn child. Would have been a great little moment.
--> Extended goodbye John/Kate (Kate's pregnancy / "Win or lose, this war ends tonight")

18) After Marcus climbs the wall of Skynet and gets accepted by the gun turret, he hides in an old church. A skynet bulldozer comes and knocks it down while running over skulls.
--> Marcus sneaking into Skynet

19) Connor rides the moto-terminator across the bridge. The bridge is out and he uses a grappling hook to get across the bridge as the moto-terminator falls.

20) Marcus outside Skynet. Sees a bunch of T-600s. Looks up at a building, sees lights on the 5th floor. Sneaks inside.
--> Marcus sneaking into Skynet

21) Marcus is on the 5th floor. Spots the hybrid male at the computer console. He is busy, typing fast. He spots Marcus and responds to him warmly. Marcus looks at him and throws him out the window. The hybrid neck is severed. Marcus then goes to the console.
--> Hybrid Male (Greg Plitt)
--> Hybrid Male: "Hello Marcus."

22) MAJOR CHANGE- When Marcus is done at the console we hear Serena say Hello to Marcus. Serena is a Hybrid and in person. She has a pet T-800 that places Marcus in the chair. Their conversation is not all that different from the one you hear in the movie. Lots more though. She kisses him. He gets out of the chair and they continue to talk. Cut to: Different conversation in the submarine with Ashdown. A harvester goes into the water and crushes the ship. We see Ashdown die. Marcus gets mad and goes to kill her and gets knocked away by a robotic arm and thrown by the T-800. He rips out Serenas micro-chip at the back of her neck. The robotic arm then takes her for human and rips her apart.
--> Hybrid Serena
--> The scene with the harvester was partially shot. They shot the interiors of the sub with the actors, but never finished the CGI in post because they already knew they were changing it.

23) Connor sneaks into skynet. He sees everyone being tested on. Spots a T-600 and hides. The T-600 looks into an elevator shaft and Connor rigs the Elevator to blow. The elevator comes down and cuts the T-600 in two.
--> Hybrids at Skynet Central
--> Other T-600 inside Skynet Central
--> The Hybrids control Skynet, which I believe is one of the reasons they ultimately cut that story. When all was said and done I think they though it was foolish to take the story in that direction. I think thats the problem with having so many re-writes so quickly and with such a deadline. No one has time to think things through.

24) After Kyle looks for Star and find Connor they blow up the wall. Before they go to the terminator factory the hole in the wall actually leads to prisoner holding pens. Connor releases the prisoners. They get chased by the T-800, blow up another wall, see a shaft, then jump down.
--> Kyle, Star, and John blast their way through the wall and free the rest of the prisoners. The T-800 picks up the gun and follows them. There is a brief scene with the T-800 by the holding pens before Kyle, Star, and John jump down a shaft. This accounts for the continuity error when they jump down the hole in the TR. This is from the final Shooting Script, however was cut for the final cut. Its not part of the reshoots, but was cut for timing purposes most likely.

25) Kate, Blair and Barnes decide to go after John. Kate grabs a shotgun. They land the helicopter as Kate shoots a T-600. they see all the human prisoners escape. They get Kyle, Star and Virginia and ask where John is. Barnes and two other soldiers go after John. They see Marcus fighting another T-800 after Marcus had been carrying John out. Barnes hands him a machine gun and Marcus kills the T-800.
--> A call sheet confirms this scene. Notice the line: 154A - Int. Terminator Factory (Marcus battles T-800; Barnes gives Marcus the machine gun and the tide is turned)

26) (Alt) We see barnes and Marcus carrying out Connor. They wonder how to get all the prisoners out of there. They tell Barnes to get out and hotwire the Transporter. Blair has a problem with the rotor from the helicopter. Marcus fixes it. Barnes goes to the transporter. Virginia sacrifices herself.
--> Virginia tries to save someone that is about to be attacked by a T-600. She originally stays behind to detonate the bomb, but they figured Virginia wasn't important enough to be the one who does that. She gets killed by the T-600 though either way.
--> T-600 snaps Virginia's neck.

27) As Barnes is getting everyone into the Transporter a Harvester comes. Marcus spots it and uses the Helicopter Gun to shoot the Harvester while in Terminator mode.
--> They definitely shot the prisoners escaping. Sometimes it was hard to tell because of all the VFX work that had to be done. If they did shoot it then its just a few plate shots....background and whatnot. I don't think they ever even bothered finishing the VFX...but i'm not 100%. I can ask someone.

28) Kyle buries Marcus while wearing Connors jacket. He reaches into the pocket and takes out the photo of Sarah Connor. Photo morphs back into John. Push away to Soldiers getting into Helicopters. They fly away as the camera heads back down over Marcus's grave. Fade.
--> Kyle burying Marcus and finding Sarah's Polaroid

Why did they take out the T-700's?
--> They ended up thinking it was going to be too confusing. With the hybrid plot taken out they also decided to take out the idea the T-800's were being built early.

Reason cut
- Helena Bonham Carter's scenes as a Hybrid looked too campy.
- The Hybrid subplot (them controlling Skynet) was bad.



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