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John Connor with soldiers (Terry Crews)
T4 deleted scene

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Scene description
In a MTV interview, director McG was asked about the cameo scene by Terry Crews:

Q: "Over the last few months, we've heard a lot of "Salvation" talk from actor Terry Crews, but he's not in the film. Where'd he go?"

McG: "He's there; he's just got a bullet in his head. He's lying there dead at the top of the [movie]. There was a beat where he interfaced with John Connor, going into the foxhole. It was designed to be a misdirect [with Crews saying] - "Are you Connor? The John Connor? The one who was supposed to do this, that and the other?" And you would realize, "Wow, Connor is now leading this mission." But ultimately I felt that it was slowing down the opening thrust of the film. That Terry scene will be on the DVD. "

Reason cut

The cameo by Terry Crews.


The official T4 novel mentions this part:
John Connor regarded the lifeless T-600, waiting to make certain it was good and dead. The damn things had a dangerous habit of simulating death and then leaping up to bite you in the ass. This one, though, was good and demised. He lifted his gaze as another Wathog sputtered past overhead, trailing smoke. He did not look around as the weary but determined figure of Captain Jericho approached.
"Are you Connor?"
Grunting something unintelligible, Connor looked up.
"The John Connor?" Even as he addressed the other man, Jericho was kleeping a wary eye on their immediate surroundings. "The guy who, according to plan, was supposed to land his unit on the ridgeline and hump it in?"
Connor's gaze met the captain's.
"The plan was no good."
Jericho looked as though he was about to say something else, but he was interrupted by the arrival of Connor's unit. Spilling out of a nearby chopper, they assembled behind their leader and focused their attention on him.
"Trouble?" The grizzled trooper who spoke shifted his gaze from Connor to the captain.
Connor let his eyes linger a moment longer on Jericho. Over the last several years of fighting, the term "chain of command" had been transformed into an expletive that had more in common with the traditional SNAFU than with actual militairy procedure.
"No, no trouble. Let's go."

Jericho watched Connor's team joined the others in racing to the rim of the gaping breach the first missile had opened in the ground. There was plenty he still wanted to say. Wisely, he said nothing.

Terminator Salvation final shooting script:
Connor looks down to the dead T-600 beneath his foot.
Its pieces try to magnetize back together, but it's
seriously damaged.
BLAM BLAM BLAM -- Another A-10 is blown out of the air.
Connor looks up at it as --

Are you Connor?

Connor looks up. JERICHO, one of his superior officers,
marches over.

The John Connor?

(off his look)
...the guy who, according to the
plan, was supposed to land his
unit on the ridge-line and hump it
in? Stick to the plan.
Connor looks at Jericho. Then looks back to his gear.

The plan was no good.

Make no mistake, men. We don't
have a goddamn clue what's waiting
for us down there. So I need a
volunte --

Connor's unit spills out of the helicopter -- a motley
group, all of them loyal as dogs to Connor. Fernandez
bites his tongue.
Connor and his men fall into the group of sprinting
SOLDIERS as they approach the HUGE OPENING in the ground
caused by the missile explosion.
GENERAL OLSEN, 40s, a good old boy and career shitkicker,
is standing at the hole, peering down into the
Before he can finish, CONNOR rushes past him and LAUNCHES
himself headfirst into the dark abyss. It takes a second
for us to realize he's connected to a SINGLE CABLE.
DAVID, one of Connor's men, LATCHES the cable to a heavy
piece of AIRPLANE wreckage on the ground.

(to soldiers)
Single file! Everyone after

A very wide shot reveals the vastness of the underground
facility. A tiny figure repels down into the center --
ignites and tosses a FLARE. It falls into the abyss.
Tight on Connor taking in the enormity of the situation.
Much bigger than he thought it would be.
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