Hope Of The Future
Deleted Scenes

T-800 uses T-600's gattling gun
T4 deleted scene

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Scene description
When the T-600 stands in the T-800's way, the T-800 quickly dispatches the unit by ripping it into pieces. It then continues to chase John Connor. However what was not shown, but was featured in the trailers and novelization, is that the T-800 picks up the T-600's gattling gun and tries to fire it at John and Kyle.

Reason cut
In an interview from TheArnoldFans, executive producer Dan Lin explains the reason why it was cut:
TheArnoldFans: "Why didn't the Arnold T-800 pick up the mini gun like we see him do in the trailer?"
Dan Lin: "We wanted to tighten up the movie and in the 3rd act, the movie really gets going, so there may have been too many action scenes. It's just part of normal editing."



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