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Extended John Connor speech part 2
T4 deleted scene

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Scene description
John Connor speech was even more extended then the added part of the Director's Cut. In the DVD/BLU-RAY TV Commercial, John Connor says: "I need everyone of you for one, final fight." The Maximum Movie Mode on the BluRay shows the full radio speech scene:
"This is John Connor. If you're listening to this, you are the resistance. I once knew a woman who told people to fear the future. That the end was coming. That all would be lost. Nobody wanted to hear her truths. Society locked her away. That woman was Sarah Connor... my mother. Now we know, that what she predicted has all come to pass. And so I ask of you to please believe in me, her son. The way that we should have believed in her.
Command was us to fight like machines. They want us to make cold, calculated decissions. But we are not machines. And if we behave like them, then what's the point in winning?
Listen carefully, I need everyone of you now. You are vital for one final fight. Those who are with me, may live. Those who are not, may die. It is that simple."

Reason cut


Appears on the Terminator Salvation Bluray 'Maximum Movie Mode'.

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