Hope Of The Future
Deleted Scenes

Len is killed (7-11 guy)
T4 deleted scene

Scene description
Len, the hesitant resistance fighter at the 7-11, is seen getting killed before the Harvester grabs everyone.

Reason cut



Terminator Salvation final shooting script:
I can't let you do this, Virginia.
This is our food. Our fuel. It's
not your choice to make.

Suddenly Star TENSES UP. Marcus and Kyle automatically
hit the ground, as does Star. In the spot they just
dropped from --
CRACK! A BOTTLE Len is holding explodes.
The CAMERA PANS UP to reveal LEN holding his neck, BLOOD
Suddenly a GIANT CLAW PLUNGES through the ceiling, GRABS
Virginia and yanks her out through the roof!
A SECOND CLAW EXPLODES through the ceiling and grabs
another survivor.

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