Hope Of The Future
Deleted Scenes

The reshoots of Terminator Salvation
T4 miscelleanous scene

Scene description
According to an insider, the next scenes were done via reshoots:
1) Tons of inserts
2) Sarah Connor tapes
3) Kate and John talk about getting a hydrobot
4) Ashdown and Losenko before Submarine gets destroyed. (Cheesy line, "Commence bombing of Skynet")
5) Shots of resistance soldiers listening to Connor.
6) More random inserts.
7) Random shots of Skynet lab (All the cheesy looking ones including Kyle in his cell) In order to maintain continuity for all the other scenes cut.
8) The ENTIRE Serena scene. All the other flashback scenes had to be cut because she was blonde and they didn't have time to redo everything, not to mention they kind of changed her character.
9) Linda's recordings were done privately after the reshoots.

Reason cut




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