Hope Of The Future
Deleted Scenes

Stan Winston wrestling a Hybrobot
T4 omitted scene

Scene description
In the scene where John test the signal on the Hydrobot, it was originally the plan that Stan Winston would have a cameo and be the guy who would hold the Hydrobot. However, due Stan's illness, he couldn't film the scene with Stan and John Rosengrant (also from Stan Winston Studios) performed the cameo.
From FearNet.com: McG also restated his desire to dedicate the film to the late FX maestro, Stan Winston. He squashed rumors that Winston will appear in a cameo role shot before his passing, though admitted they'd talked about it at one point. "I want to dedicate the movie [to him]," he said. "I really do, and I suspect I'll be able to, but I got to make sure Sony and Warners are cool with it."

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