Hope Of The Future
Deleted Scenes

Terminator Salvation rumoured scenes
T4 rumoured scene

Scene description
According to an insider, the next scenes were also filmed:
5) Shot of soldiers in Silo before it explodes.
6) Connor getting into the Osprey. Greeted by a few soldiers.
9) Some dialogue cut between Kyle and Marcus in the observatory.
10) Marcus has a dream that night, fast cuts of Serena and surgeons.
11) Marcus wakes up/Star is asleep on his lap. Gets up and starts pulling parts out of different cars.
14) As they carry Marcus into the operating room after he gets blown up by a mine he has a few snaps of flashbacks being operated on/his heart taken out.
15) Small conversation between Blair and Marcus in ventilation shaft before he hits off the man-hole cover.
16) After convo with Ashdown over radio in Airforce base Connor gives Barnes C4 to blow up the comms devices. Connor goes to the short wave radio to start giving his speech to the resistance.

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