Hope Of The Future

Fight with the Terminator for the survival of mankind!

Join John Connor and the Terminator in a dangerous struggle for the future of mankind. Fight T-30 units during the raid on Cyberdyne Systems. Find a way to destroy the indestructable shape-shifting T-1000. Destroy Cyberdyne's technology and research to ensure the future.

Canevaworld is a resort located just a few miles away from the well known Gardaland park in Italy. It comprises two parks; Movie Studios and Aqua Paradise, as well as two restaurants, Medieval Times and the Rock Star Cafe.

Movie Studios opens its gates in 2002. On March 31st 2004 it opens a new attraction: Terminator 2: Live. This attraction is based of the movie Terminator 2: Judgment Day and its Universal Studios theme park attraction Terminator 2 3D: Battle Across Time. The structure of this attraction is also based on its Universal Studios counterpart; first a queue area with a Cyberdyne Systems promotional video, followed by the main show in which something doesn't go the way it was planned.

When the new season of 2006 starts, Movie Studios changes it name into MovieLand Studios.
When the season closed on November 1st 2006, changes were made to the attraction. A 3D movie was filmed at MovieLand Studios itself, together with the cast of Terminator 2: Live. Lighting effects and exposure inside the building have been changed/added, creating a much more hi-tech ambience. A big projection screen has been put in place. A new actress, playing Sarah Connor, has been added to the stage play. The attraction re-opened on April 7th 2007 (2007 season opening day) with the new title: Terminator 5D.

With the start of the season on April 2nd 2010, they changed the Terminator 5D attraction into Terminator 5D - The Game (also known as Terminator 5-D Game).

Lazise, 2007

Building Cyberdyne's office in Lazise.
Live show Info about the live show.
Queue Area Info about the Queue area show.
Main Show Info about the main event.
Terminator Store Terminator store in Lazise.
Good Morning Movieland Info about "Good Morning Movieland" opening show.
Good Bye Movieland Info about "Good Bye Movieland" parade.

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