Hope Of The Future

After you have entered the laboratory, an alarm goes off. Intruder alert... and you are the intruder! Primitive T-300 Units appear and are preparing to fire at the intruders, while John Connor and the Terminator witness the arrival of the deadly T-1000 (actual Terminator 2 3D footage of the T-1000 arriving in the future). They drive away on the motorcycle, while the T-1000 chases them.

The Terminator and John arrive in the Cyberdyne lab, they can deactivate the robots just in time to save the public. John Connor runs into a hallway, but bumps into the T-1000. The Terminator goes after John and on a monitor we witness the Terminator as he shoots down the T-1000 (actual Terminator 2 footage: "Get down"). The Terminator returns to the lab in order to destroy it, but the T-1000 arrives again. The Terminator and the T-1000 start to fight while a helicopter arrives and prepares to fire at them.

The Terminator shoots down the T-1000 into a vat with a handgun, then fires a shotgun at the helicopter twice and destroys it, the helicopter exploding in a large ball of flames. The T-1000 climbs out of the vat and attacks the Terminator with a steel pipe. They struggle further and the Terminator throws the T-1000 into a liquid nitrogen blower, which freezes the T-1000 to its death.

John returns and the Terminator says goodbye to him. John orders him not to go, but Terminator tells him that he has to. He then lowers himself into a vat of molten steel, while giving a final thumbs up. John activates the self-destruct and runs away just in time as the room explodes, destroying Cyberdyne Systems.

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After the main show, you are led into Terminator Store.

Created by , 2001+